Here are just a few resources and ideas that may be of use to you to copy or adapt.

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2D & 3D Shapes

Art & Design Key Skills

Art Evaluation Idea

Art Message For Children

Art Motto Art Cycle

Art Shirts Advice

Art Starting Points


Colour Progression

Digital Art On Feelings

Display Colour Theming

Drawing Kits

DT Key Areas

Egyptian Patterns

EYFS Handwriting A3 size

Hall Floor Covers

Iterative Design Process

Leadership & Authority

Motivating Children

Page Protector

Pencil Types

Pnterest Art Boards


Roam Mosaics Idea

Roman Patterns

Sketch Book Label Idea

Sourcing Internet Images For Drawing

Storage Labels Art & DT

Subject Co-ordinator

Tudor Patterns

Viewfinder Circle

Viewfinder Oval

Viewfinder Rectangle

Viewfinder Square

Visual Elements

Visual Resources