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My goal is to support, encourage and inspire children, students, pre-service and in-service teachers and teaching assistants in their creative, art and design, and design technology activities. I also help to transform school environments into places which calm, flow, inspire, educate, and bring the ‘wow’ factor.

The Art Tree

Art, Craft and Design Training Book for Primary Teachers

I am delighted to announce my soon-to-be published art, craft and design training book for primary teachers, subject leaders, senior leaders and most of all, children. It is an A4 full-colour 400-page ‘go-to-bible’ which also details progression across all media from year 1 to 6. The Art Tree is primary art and design national curriculum and Ofsted ‘deep dive’ referenced. It comes with a whole plethora of digital support resources, so watch this space!

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Julie Mitchell MA, BEd (Hons), FRSA

MA in Creativity and Education for the Professions (Art, Craft and Design focus)
BEd (Hons) Professional Studies (Education and Art with Psychology)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

The arts are the highest form of human achievement. .. Artistic endeavour marks us out from the rest of nature as creators and celebrators of beauty. That is why no education can be complete, indeed no programme of education can even begin, without making the arts and creativity central to a child’s life…
Rt Hon Michael Gove MP & Ed. Vaizey MP, Secretaries of State for Education and Culture, Media & Sports
Rt Hon Michael Gove MP & Ed. Vaizey MP, Secretaries of State for Education and Culture, Media & SportsCultural Education, A summary of programmes & opportunities, July 2013

When I go into a gallery I want to see something special. I don’t want to see something I could think up in the bath and phone in.

Grayson Perry, CBE.
Grayson Perry, CBE.Ceramicist/Artist, Turner Prize Winner, 2013 Reith Lecturer

I think what identifies us as human beings above all are the powers that flow from our deep resources of imagination.

Sir Ken Robinson
Sir Ken RobinsonHighly respected 21st Century Educationalist, Chair, NACCCE Report - All Our Futures

Teaching drawing in art, craft and design was found to be inadequate or just satisfactory in more than 50% of Primary schools inspected.

OfstedInspection Report: Making a Mark: art, craft and design 2008-2011, published March 2012.
I would like to see teachers getting better access to professional development. I want schools to build on pupils’ experiences and creative development in their early years more effectively in primary and secondary school.
Jean Humphreys, Ofsted Director of Education
Jean Humphreys, Ofsted Director of EducationPress Release: ‘Making a Mark’ - not enough pupils develop their creativity through confident drawing. Ref: NR2012-15
Businesses in the UK arts and culture industry generated an aggregate turnover of £12.4 billion in 2011 … The CBI argue that by 2013, the sector is expected to employ 1.3 million people, potentially greater than financial services. The digital and creative industries are a natural export strength for the UK, providing the UK’s third largest export sector.
Darren Henley
Darren HenleyAuthor & government-appointed indepedent reviewer of "Cultural Education in England", 2012.
Primary schools’ art, craft & design teaching: In a small minority of lessons, non-specialist teachers were effective in promoting good progress because their subject knowledge and skills were enhanced by a visiting artist, craft maker or designer [creating a lasting impact to successful long term teaching].
OfstedInspection Report: Making a Mark, March 2012, Ref. 110135