So how does it work then?

You book in the Art Days/DT or training session dates. Crucial! Then we work out what you need. I send you a detailed plan and resources list about 2-4 weeks before. 

How much?

Contact me with your requirements and I’ll give you a quote – I’m not scary, honest!

How far will you travel?

Anywhere, but reasonable travel expenses will occur over 20 miles outside of Chester. If I need to stay overnight somewhere, this cost will also be added to the price. I choose reasonably priced accommodation (e.g. Premier Inn) – don’t worry, no five star hotels!

We want something, but don’t know what yet: any ideas?

I get booked up quickly, so getting the dates in is crucial. I can guide you through the finer details later; themes are of less importance at the early stage.

Do you include resources?

I include some resources and specialist equipment which will keep your costs down. Most of the other things you will need you will have in school or can get the children/parents to ‘magpie’ for (depending on the project).

What do you do?

Art & Design: anything really: 2D, 3D, any size, any medium, any theme, art for art’s sake or cross-curricular. Basically, I create something bespoke for you.

Design Technology: see details on training pages.

What age do you work with?

I work with anyone: EYFS, Primary, Special Schools, GCSE, ‘A’ Level, community groups, adults in education, pre-service and in-service teachers and TAs. I am not phased by children with behaviour issues: I spent two terms teaching children and training staff in a specialist BESD mainstream primary school.

Do you hold an enhanced DBS certificate?

Yes. I give you the reference number on my plans.

Are you insured?

Yes I have public liability and public indemnity insurance.

Are you a qualified teacher?

Yes. I have been qualified (and practising) since 1991.

Can you come up with something bespoke for us?

I will endeavour to – it’s what I usually do with workshops – please see my training offerings for CPD.

Can you work with the entire school in half a day for half your fee and produce amazing results that will make Ofsted swoon and give us an automatic OUTSTANDING?

SORRY, NO! I produce quality work with children that lasts. I am happy for your expectations to be high, but the miraculous is not available at my current rates.

How do we pay for art days/training/consultancy?

You can pay by bank transfer.

What happens if we have to cancel or rearrange the dates?

This has only happened to me a couple of times in all these years – it’s so rare. But for that rare occasion: if you are 30+ days away from the booking, rearranging the dates/cancelling will not incur any fee; 21-29 days away: 25% of the fee is required; 14-20 days away: 50% of the fee is required; 13-7 days before: 75% of the fee is required; up to 7 days before: 100% of the fee is required. However, if you are cancelling a INSET day up to 45 days before your booking, I will charge 100% of my fee because schools book these up well in advance and it is hard to find replacements for them at shorter notice.

I want to commission something for myself/my organisation/company; nothing to do with schools. What do I do?

Just get in touch and we can discuss your needs and I’ll give you a price. I take a 50% deposit to secure the commission, with 50% due when the work is done. If I am emailing/posting the work to you, the balance is due immediately before I send the work. P+P extra.