I would like to see teachers getting better access to professional development. I want schools to build on pupils’ experiences and creative development in their early years more effectively in primary … school.

Primary schools’ art, craft & design teaching:
In a small minority of lessons, non-specialist teachers were effective in promoting good progress because their subject knowledge and skills were enhanced by a visiting artist, craftmaker or designer [creating a lasting impact to successful long term teaching].

One of the best INSET days we’ve had. Encouraging, useful and hands on with lots of practical ideas. Thank you.

We had Ofsted in last week—they were really impressed with the art work and how the school looked, so thanks very much for helping us on our way—it really is a different place since you have worked with our staff and kids.

[Julie] provided inspiring professional development for the teachers working alongside her.

Staff were ‘ready to burst with ideas’ following the visit from the artist [Julie Mitchell].

Fantastic practical ideas and progression. A great example of teacher as performance, I bet your class love you!

…this was also fantastic professional development for my staff and showed them how much can be achieved by children in such a short period of time.

Teaching of drawing in art, craft and design was found to be inadequate or just satisfactory in more than 50% of Primary schools inspected.

The Art Tree Training Books and Digital Resources

This is a practical training and support book underpinned by research and practice to help you enjoy, and confidently teach, art, craft and design in the primary school. For more information, click here.

What In-person CPD and ITT is on offer

I offer ‘deep dive’ initial teacher and in-service teacher training for subject leaders, whole schools, and groups of schools in the following areas:

  • Art, Craft and Design
  • Design Technology
  • Display for Education/Creating Galleries/Enabling Environments. A practical ideas-fest workshop resulting in a display about ‘display’.
  • 1 to 1 or 1 to 2* full day session with Art or DT subject leads to plan the whole school Art or DT curriculum linking to other subjects in a cross curricular way. This is an ‘ideas fest’, fantastically equipping leaders. *2 leads from 2 schools.

(NB: if you become a host school for subject leaders’ CPD your training can be a reduced price or even free, depending on numbers.)

Art, Craft and Design and Design Technology

Each subject covers:

  1. Subject overview, ethos, pedagogy (planning, progression and evaluation), cross-curricular links, practical tips, health and safety

Followed by a choice of practical sessions from one subject:

Art, Craft and Design

  1. Sketchbooks, Drawing, Painting, Printing, Texture Work (Textile Art and Collage), Sculpture, Digital Media

Design Technology

  1. Construction, Mechanisms/Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems in Products*, Textile Design, Program/Monitor/Control. (*Max number for training is 20 here.)

NB: If having DT training for the first time, I strongly suggest you start with Construction, which is foundational to the subject, and then move on to Mechanisms and Mechanical Systems, which flow brilliantly from there.

Themed CPD Training with Progression Y1-6

  • ANIMALS INCLUDING HUMANS: Science and art, craft and design (touching on all media).
  • GEOMETRY: Maths and art, craft and design and design technology (touching on mark making, digital imaging, sculpture, architecture, construction).
  • MAKE: Art, craft and design and design technology skills-fest to support key making techniques in both subjects. Very useful!
  • PRESENTING DATA: Art, craft and design (mark-making/digital imaging): particularly supports maths, science, computing, geography, history and English.
  • PUPPETS: Art, craft and design (sculpture, textile art and craft) and design technology (construction, mechanisms, textile design): particularly supports English (drama, literature) and history.
  • STORY: English/drama/history and art, craft and design (touching on illustration, book design, set design, costume, masks, puppets, poster/ticket design).


Whole schools:

  • For a full INSET day, you would have an hour of 1 (essential), plus two practical sessions from 2 or 3 depending on which subject you have chosen. This is based on day timings of 9:00am-4:00pm, with short morning and afternoon breaks plus 45 minutes lunch. NB: Themed CPD needs a full day.
  • For a half-INSET day, you would have a shortened version of 1 (essential), plus one practical session from 2 or 3 depending on which subject you have chosen. If I am travelling from a distance, it is best if the training is in the afternoon.
  • For a staff meeting or twilight, you would have one taster practical session from 2 or 3 (except for Electrical Systems in Products or any themed CPD which requires more time).

Subject leaders hosted at one lead school:

9:30am-3:00pm – short mid-morning/afternoon breaks plus 45 minutes lunch.
OR 1:15-5:15pm mid-afternoon break (easier for releasing teachers without having to call in supply teachers to cover their classes for full days).


Please contact Julie to discuss your particular requirements and for pricing.