What the children think

What The Children Think

“My best day in my entire life.” Jonathan Roberts, age 7.

“This is just like live Art Attack!” Lauren, age 10.

“I’m gonna tell everyone I know about this lesson because it’s been great!” Marcel, age 7.

“You should be on telly ‘cos you’re that good.” Stephanie Makins, age 6.

“I found that my heart was beating faster because I wanted to see how good it looked!” Erica Thornton, age 11.

“You are so fun and know what children like to do!…Your display boards are amazing and so ingenious and ALIVE!” Lauren Thompson, age 11.

“That was as fun as playtime!” Matteo, age 7.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I could! It was brill!” James Clarke, age 7.

“Art Days are extremely fantastic, messy and fun.” Lisa Allcock, age 10.

“I was so excited I could not wait to get started.” Laurie Roberts, age 8.

“At first I could not paint properly now thanks to you I can.” Samantha Hill, age 11.

“I thought what I made was fantastic and I have improved a lot.” Laura Griffiths, age 10.

“I would like to thank you for the most interesting and amazing week ever.” Lynda, age 11.

“I thought before Wednesday I was awful at art but now I am quite good at art and enjoy art and want to be an artist.” Josh, age 7.

“It was too much to say no to. I wanted to say yes to everything.” Alex, age 6.

“All the work that the class has done is fantastic and all the children love it to bits.” Thomas, age 9.

“You always have the most extraordinary ideas.” Chloe, age 11.

“This is well cool this art course. You get to do all sorts of art that you never try in school.” Nick, age 9.

“We’ve had the time of our lives!” Edward, age 8.

“I get really excited on Monday night knowing I’ve got art the next day!”  Little boy, age 8. He rushed off before I could catch his name!

Thanks to Ellie, at age 6,  for the wonderful photograph!