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The Art Tree books

These are A4 high-quality, full-colour, practical training/support books printed on beautiful 115gsm silk paper. They are underpinned by extensive research and practice will help you to enjoy, and confidently teach, art, craft and design in the primary school.

Throughout, the contents of the Art Tree reference the national curriculum for art and design in England. They also offer you support for an OFSTED subject deep dive inspection.

THIS SERIES IS NOT A SCHEME, but it will equip you to write your own bespoke schemes – or could even support your current scheme.

The Primary Subject Leaders’ Essential Guide (SLEG) is a whopping 414 pages. The Key Stage 1 teacher support book is 230 pages, and Key Stage 2 teacher support book is 296 pages. These very handy support books are slimmed-down companions to the SLEG, omitting all the senior leader and subject leader content. The Key Stage 1 book has more examples of children’s work from years one and two.

The SLEG contains approximately 500 illustrations, 550 references, 100s of cross-references, the listing of 550 creative practitioners, a full index with 450 entries, and a ‘Useful References’ section. To see a full online bibliography click here. The national curriculum for art and design in England is quoted 40 times, with this curriculum written out in full referencing 100 Art Tree support pages/groups of pages. There are 130 references to Art Tree pages supporting an Ofsted ‘deep dive’ subject inspection, looking at curriculum intent, implementation, impact and children’s wider development (enrichment). Finally, a proposed art, craft and design national curriculum by the author for key stages 1-3 with support notes is included.

Generously Illustrated Throughout

Examples of children’s artworks are generously dispersed throughout, illustrating the practical application of this approach.

Growth/Mastery Tables for All Media

Importantly, there are year-by-year growth/mastery tables (Years 1-6) for every medium (drawing, painting, printing, texture work, sculpture and digital media).

Subject Deep Dive – Ofsted

The book subtitle “Teaching Art, Craft and Design: Primary Deep Dive” means that I am not only looking in depth at the subject of art, craft and design, but I am situating it within the context of primary teaching. The ‘deep dive’ reference means that my coverage will be extensive and thorough. Is also references and supports the deep dive Ofsted subject inspection for art and design.

Digital Resources 

There are substantial digital resources available to support the Art Tree training books. I strongly recommend you buy the digital resources. They will save you huge amount of time and enable you easily to cascade knowledge and support down to colleagues and children. Click on digital resources image for more information. Note: digital resources cannot be purchased alone – they support the books.

Pinterest Board

An Art Tree Pinterest board with over 550 referenced creative practitioners is also available. As a thank you for quick feedback, Pinterest access is given to those buying the digital resources as well as the book(s). Click on digital resources image for more information (see page 3).

Books, Digital Resources, Pinterest Board, and Subject Leader Zoom Support Session

I am offering a more substantial CPD package for subject leaders whose schools buy the Subject Leaders’ Essential Guide and digital resources. This is a two-hour 1-to-1 introduction/Q&A support session taking place on Zoom to help your art and design subject leader get started with the Art Tree in the primary school. The Zoom training takes place at a time suited to both the subject leader and myself.

TIP: To get the most out of the Zoom training, it’s best if the subject leader has properly familiarised themselves with the book and digital resources first, and then emails some of their queries through to me before the training. Please contact me to discuss.

Bespoke Creation of Your Art and Design Curriculum

I offer your school a full art and design curriculum creation service for years 1-6 absolutely bespoke to your needs, synced into the Art Tree. I work with the headteacher and subject leader to achieve this. I can work with you over zoom, or even better, in person with you at your school. Please contact me to discuss your needs.